More Octane & X-Particles testing

Instead of making these eye-candy animations I should actually dig deeper into the options of the Octane render engine... but it's just so much fun to play with the textures and looks :)

This time I really wanted to crush my machine by making a scene with over a million polygons. This one has 1.570.206 to be precise and more lights than my first test render. And still, a frame of this animation took only about 2.5 min to render!

This golden sticks were done with X-Particles again. And no, I'll never get tired of my dramatic music library!

I was asked repeatedly how long a frame would render until the noise would be gone. So I re-rendered the first frame with 4048 samples (for the animation I used 512 samples). It took about 20 min. Considering the extreme DOF and specularity of that frame, I think this is a pretty good render time. Don't forget I'm only working on a single GPU. Here's the rendered frame. There's still a bit of noise, but this would barely be noticeable as animation I think.